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Quick shout out to [redacted name] for adopting me for their team lunch. He wanted privacy from all of my readers. All 2 digits of you all. Love you all <3.

We went to Little Ting's Dumplings. We ordered:

  • Cucumber salad
  • Pan fried chive and shrimp buns
  • Pan fried beef buns
  • Pork and cabbage dumplings
  • Beef and onion dumplings
  • Lamb dumplings
  • House chicken


Let's start with the cucumber salad...

Why was it so sweet? Also, I get that it's cucumbers but why is it so bland? If I wanted to eat bland cucumbers, I'd just buy a cucumber and bite into it. Too sweet and too bland at the same time. Pass.

Pan fried beef buns

Pan fried dumplings and steam/boiled dumplings are usually made with regular dough. Buns are usually made with risen dough with yeast. Pan fried buns are made by putting some oil and a very thin layer of flour in a pan and then raw buns on top. Put some water into the pan, cover and the steam from the water will cook the bun while the oil and flour will create a crispy sheet on the bottom.

This pan fried bun looked great by definition. I bit into and was mildly disappointed.

I can barely call what is inside "beef". The beef had no texture except the texture of mush. There was a lot of fillers, distinctly a lot of water chestnut and onion amongst other things. The flavor was pretty good but doesn't cover the fact the ingredients weren't quality.The dough itself was great, thin all around and crispy on the bottom. But you don't eat dumps/buns for the dough, you eat it for the filling (unless you're going for man tou, in which case you're only going for the dough).

Panfried chive and shrimp buns with egg

I've never seen scrambled eggs on top of the flour before. Very interesting but I had a lot of problems with this one.

  • Unlike the beef buns, the ratio of filling to dough was really off. There was barely any filling
  • There were thin tofu sheets inside. Could be a filler... although I don't think they're that cheap. Not sure why they were in there
  • The menu said "baby shrimp". When I think of baby shrimp, I usually think of a very small but fresh/frozen shrimp but the shrimps they put in was dried shrimp skin. It's dried shrimps that are so tiny it appears as if it's just the skin.
  • Flavor was pretty good but since the ratio was so off, it was hard to fully appreciate the flavor
  • The scrambled eggs didn't do much

The dumps

When food comes to the table, the first thing on my mind is usually "let me put this in my mouth immediately". I'm really bad at taking pictures of food that are not half-eaten already. Above is an example. However, with this one, all the dumps look the same so it's fine. You get the point.  

We got beef, pork and lamb. All the fillings felt like there were more fillers than meat. All the meat had a mushy texture but all the flavors were pretty good. Everything at this restaurant had pretty much the same problem, which made sense... I can only assume they use the same filling for buns/dumps.

The picture is kind of blurry but you can probably see that most of the filling isn't actually meat.

Cold chicken

The flavor for this was pretty good, but just needed more of it. The skin was a little tough and that's all I can say about it.


Overall, place was pretty eh. Flavors were all there but it really felt like they were cutting back on quality ingredients for fillings.

It's also completely possible we didn't order the right things. This article mentioned they have good claypot.

"focusing instead on excellent clay pots" - Eater article

But then again, dumplings is literally in their name. Why would their claypots be so much better than their dumplings?

Solid 5/10. Nothing pulling me to come back.