Locations in this post: Hello Poke, Five Stones Coffee Co

I've been feeling a bit frustrated and overwhelmed. Something about never taking a day off is getting to me.

On my way to work, I drove right past the office exit and went straight to Redmond downtown. I went to Hello Poke and got myself a poké bowl. I paid and went back to my car and ate it there.

Let me tell you how much I needed it. Just the serenity of being alone, bothered by no one, not even the random people passing by. I didn't look at my phone. I didn't think about anything that would stress me out and I just ate this bowl of fish and stuff. It was peaceful, the kind of quiet I haven't felt in a while.

The poké bowl was pretty good, genuinely pretty good.

I need to get better at taking pics of food when it's not half eaten
  • Base: half rice, half greens
  • Protein: salmon and yellowtail
  • Mix-in: cucumber, green onion, crab meat, avocado
  • Toppings: cilantro, crispy onin, edamame, masago, sesame seed
  • Sauce: Citrus ponzu

Total: $13.86

Food rating: 7/10

Feels rating: 9/10

Then I went to Five Stones Coffee and got a cappuccino.

It's my favorite coffee place on the east side. Look at that good latte art. Had to down it cause I was running late for a meeting.

It was a good Thursday.