Location in this post: Tavern Law

One of my German coworkers was in town and invited me to get a drink with his buddy who was also from Germany. The fact they are from Germany really doesn't add to this story at all but I'm trying to see if I can make these blog posts longer.

So let's get to the point. Today's victim is Tavern Law in Capitol Hill. Their Google description they wrote themselves is "High-end vintage cocktails & American fare in a dark, sophisticated space with a speakeasy vibe."

I can definitely confirm this place:

  • Had cocktails
  • Is in America
  • Was dark
  • Felt some speakeasy vibes
  • A little iffy on the sophisticated space and vintage
  • Was high-end if high-end meant expensive

The only reason we went there was because one of them had a fancy "Camp Fire" drink that they lit on fire and was smokey and fancy. Because it was the only real reason why we went there, it only made sense that it was not on the menu. After some convincing, we did manage to order something similar to the camp fire. I forgot the name of the drink I got but it was something along the lines of "The Spy that Shagged Me".

There was an entire branch of rosemary on top of the drink that they flame torched to make smokey. Beet juice is what makes it red. Upon the first sip, you really get a strong "oh that's really not good" flavor with some notes of "this kind of offends my taste buds". What's really interesting about this drink is the after taste, which is hints of beets and regrets.

The main event was the Camp Fire. They set something on fire next to the drink and suffociate the fire with a lid to create the smoke.

Very cool. But how did it taste?

When I picked it up, it really did smell like a camp fire! But no, it tasted bad.

Maybe I'm just not high-end vintage sophisticated enough. 🤷‍♀ 4/10.

Oh and the other guy got an old fashion with a stick of sugar. It was aight.